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Architecture of Learning

How is our learning experience structured?

Independence Levels

We organize students by independence level in order to support student autonomy.

  • At Icon, we use a combination of age and academic ability to group students by independence.

  • Students are given as much structure and support as they need to be successful in their academic and character growth.

Student Agency

Students take ownership of their education.

  • We believe in creating a platform for students to develop their ability to take action, assume responsibility for their behavior in a safe learning environment, and apply all this in unfamiliar situations.

  • To support the development of student agency, students learn how to set meaningful goals and hold themselves accountable for their learning and personal development.

  • Students own their learning and have a voice in their school experience.

Extended Year, Extended Day

We provide a substantive learning environment for an extended year & day schedule.​

  • We aim to coordinate immersive learning opportunities at Icon Prep during school breaks.

  • We believe students need time for family, rest and interests outside of school.

Mixed Age / Peer Learning

Students learn from each other and teach one another.

  • Older students learn how to be teachers to our younger students through regularly scheduled interactions, in which they both give and receive feedback.

  • The mixed age setting is intended to foster collaboration and impactful relationships rather than competition.

Community Learning

  • Students receive mentorship from community members, which prepares them for apprenticeships and internships.

  • Students also learn from the community through guest speakers, field studies and community service.

  • Students exhibit their work to a public audience multiple times throughout the year both to give back to the community and learn from their feedback and expertise.

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